Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is The Call?

The Call is a live podcast featuring James and other experts on topics that give you career and business advice with live questions and answers.

Q2. Is The Call free to join?

The Call is always free and we do not use any of your information. Once you sign up for The Call, feel free to join us on any call in the future. We are a community, not a one time event. Invites will be sent for each call, and you can simply accept or decline the invitation.

Q3. How long is The Call?

The Deal is one hour.

Q4. Is The Call for members only or a public group?

The Call is for anyone who signs up in the general public via our social media accounts or website.

Q5. Who else is on The Call?

The Call features experts, alongside James, that have verified knowldege on the topic of the call.

Q6. Do I need to download specific software for The Call?

The Call is hosted on and any system or computers needs should be trouble solved there.

Q7. Can I download meeting notes and recordings?

The Call is recorded eveytime and emailed to you after. Feel free to take notes and share with your friends and family.

Q8. Will I receive meeting reminders?

Yes, we send out calendar invites and reminders prior to call.

Q9. Can I invite others to join The Call?

Absolutley and we welcome it! Thank you.