Creating New Jobs

We can get more American jobs back by starting at the family level. You see, when we invest in our families, we have more powerful communities and when we have more powerful communities, we create businesses that are connected to us as a nation. Through that web of authentic relationships and community building, is how we can have more American jobs. And I mean that psychologically.

Now, in terms of economics, creating more American jobs is about matching where we are, right! Resources are hugely immense and important. I think energy independence is crucial for us as a nation. And that means we do need to generate resources and powers – right here – on our soil.

Through technology and innovation, which we have always been a leader in, that’s how we do it. But guess what? We have to invest in the education of our nation. People have to be trained in order to take advantage of these innovative jobs and technologies. And guess what? Just because someone is 50 or 60 years old doesn’t mean that they can’t learn a new skill. We are a nation of teachers, so when we get an opportunity to learn new skills at any age, we can create more American jobs and we can keep American jobs through making up for those skill and knowledge gaps. We can invest in that as a nation through private public partnerships and many other ways.

I’m a huge believer that American jobs are alive and well, and we can do that together, as a nation and as a community.

I’m James Nicholas Kinney and I’m obsessed with performance. In our nation, in our companies and in our communities.

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