Immigration and American Jobs

Immigration has never hurt American jobs. We are all immigrants. Native Americans are the only people who are not immigrants.

There are so many incredible innovators that come from different countries and start incredible companies here that empower us all and improve our lives. Immigration, as we are experiencing it now, has nothing to do with our economy and has everything to do with the misguided belief that other people are taking our jobs.

There are technological factors about why jobs are changing because we are in the information age and digital economy, and not so much in a manufacturing economy. That is really the difference.

I’m always in favor of smart immigration. Immigration that absolutely enables us to have great jobs, great companies and great careers. But it also protects us. We can use smart, common sense in terms of immigration, but absolutely, immigration does not hurt our jobs. It enhances our opportunity to build companies that are innovative, meaningful and that matter.

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