You Are In Control of You - Bad Bosses

Bad bosses are like bad teachers...we’ve all had one! At some point, you are always in control of you, and that’s one thing you have to remember. We always have a choice in how others impact us and how we are affected by them and how we respond to them.

When you were in grade school, high school or college, and you had that bad teacher, you always knew that you would move on and you would graduate someday. A bad boss is no different.

This is an employee-centric market, where employees really have the choice about where they want to work and where they want to go. Oftentimes, when we don’t leave a company it is because we are living in fear, and living in fear doesn’t serve anyone. If you have a bad boss, you can absolutely give them feedback and never be afraid to do so.

My number one recommendation for a bad boss is to take responsibility yourself and say, “How can I change this situation?” If you follow the processes and protocols that are already in place at your workplace, then follow that path. If there aren’t any processes in place to deal with that, then I would take the power of your own free will and find another place to work because it’s really all about how you value yourself. Your perceived value of who you are says I’m not going to work with this bad boss. I’m going to go work somewhere where I am appreciated.

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