Healthy Families

I had an opportunity to speak at a non-profit staff training for about 500 employees about a year ago. The Executive Director started the day off by stating that the breakdown of American society was that broken families equal broken communities, which causes a broken nation.

When he said that, it hit me like a ton of bricks. I remember growing up with my brother and my parents. We were a real family unit. There weren’t as many influences from technology and television and all the things that we have now.

When we can really focus on repairing what family looks like, we can then lean on each other more for health, wellness, financial education and all the things that really matter in terms of a flourishing life, and rebuild at the family unit. Then, we can build stronger communities. That’s why repairing, recovering and focusing on individual families and the health, wellness, prosperity and progress in families is the way to reinvigorate America, and reinvigorate the American spirit.

I’m James Nicholas Kinney and I’m obsessed with performance. In our nation, in our companies and in our communities.

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