Persistence and Patience

One of the biggest things that I struggle with is patience and consistency. I want it all now! I want it all yesterday! I’m so inconsistent. I’m so fortunate to have changed some of my behavior patterns, but when I look at the breakthrough success that people have had in the ministry, sports, social services, government and so many other areas of business and life performance – they are very consistent people. I’m always really challenging and working on myself to find more ways to become consistent.

When I’m working with companies, executives and people in general, those formulas of consistency is really what we are trying to do. It’s about consistent performance over time that really makes the difference in people. If you can perform consistently over time, which is really having the patience and the discipline to do so, then that’s really what makes the difference. I remember I spoke at this agency out of Sydney, Australia, and they have an office in LA, and one of their co-founders asked me, "James what’s really the secret sauce?" I said, "Well, I don’t know if there is a secret sauce, but I I know one thing to be true is that your discipline will define your destiny." He loved it and he wrote it on a chalkboard they had in the office.

I really believe that the discipline will define your destiny! In your nutrition, in your wellness – I know that I have seen that a lot in my life. I was dead broke at 32. I remember coming home to New York from London and I remember crying in a bathtub while in London. Just looking at life like “Ugh. My life. What have I become? Why am I a failure?" My mom told me to look back at my life and write every decision that I’ve made down on a piece of paper, and I really did it! I went from ’96 when I graduated high school all the way up to that point in my life, which I think was 2007 or 2008. I looked at that list and I said to myself, "I’m just not consistent, I’m not disciplined, I don’t have the patience."

The minute that I changed that, everything started to change! For the last eight years, even though I’m still working on it, things are much better. So patience, consistency and your discipline will define your destiny.  

Good luck out there!

I’m James Nicholas Kinney and I’m obsessed with performance. In our nation, in our companies and in our communities.

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