Say What You Need to Say

Just yesterday, I had a longtime friend call me because they were going through a tough time in their career. They had worked with a CEO and the CEO, as they described, wasn’t very integrous. They described the CEO as having a tough time having hard conversations, and they called me to applaud me for saying things that are unpleasant and being able to communicate what isn’t always convenient. I thanked them for that because when I really look at leadership in the nation, as it is now, a lot of our leaders don’t really have the integrity and the gut to say what is not pleasant.

It’s easy to preach hope and change, and it’s easy to preach make America great again. It’s easy to preach either of those, but it’s difficult to have a sobering conversation about what the real challenges are with our nation, the real challenges with our community and the real challenges of who we are as people. I can tell you this in my life as I’ve experienced it, there’s nothing more cathartic and freeing than being honest and being authentic and having a conversation sense. I’m not perfect. I made a mistake, but here’s how I’m going to change it!

When we can shift our perspective to say what we need to say and say what we get to say, we can then move on. You know, trauma is about moving through it, right? And you have to get through it, to get to it – you have to get to it, to get through it. That’s a cyclical process. I thank my friend for giving me the call, but I’m communicating this to you because maybe there’s something you need to say right now to someone. Maybe it’s been eating you up inside, but resentment is like drinking poison and hoping that they feel it. So, say what you need to say. Say what you get to say. Free yourself and free them.

I’m James Nicholas Kinney and I’m obsessed with performance. In our nation, in our companies and in our communities.

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