“James’s business expertise, along with his behavior based methods, gave me an exceedingly better perspective and advantage. Our work together directly correlated to me receiving a $10 million dollar investment account.”

SVP, Morgan Stanley

“The ability to experience the work of James Kinney in your life is a gift.  He has had a profound impact on my life and his ability to counsel and pull you through any given situation is remarkable.  If Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Suze Orman and every dope DJ in NYC had one genius kid, it’d be James.”

Former Director of Social Media, eHarmony turned entrepreneur.

“I’ve relied on James’s expertise for a number of years. His network and advice has yielded me success. He has always come through for me.”

Former Director of Marketing, NFL turned entrepreneur.

James is pure magic and I don’t say that lightly. After nine years of growth we were stagnant, but with their innovative coaching, ideas and implementation we are back on track and better than ever.”

Laurel Rosen, CEO, Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce

“I met James at one of his symposiums in January of 2017. As soon as I completed the symposium, I knew he would do wonders for my team. Not only has he been a huge influence on our sales, performance and production, but he has also taken us to new levels on a personal level. As soon as you start working with him and his team, you see that they are extremely passionate about their work and will go above their commitments to those they consult.”

Jodi Zarin, Vice President of Sales, System One