To help LA's leading companies build authentic, high-performing employee, management, shareholder and customer cultures that truly benefit ALL.

I am a survivor of a workplace that drove me to anxiety, depression and weight gain. I know first hand how it is to hate to go work. I watched co-workers do drugs and spiral out of control until I had enough. For the past ten years i've educated and dedicated myself to helping companies thrive after my experience.

As the co-founder of Disrupt Human Resources Los Angeles, author and a leading culture expert I have a deep understanding of the factors that shape scaling, growing and maintaining workforces in Los Angeles.

James Nicholas Kinney 

What Is Company Culture?

An organization, company and or teams shared values, belief systems, processes, attitudes, morale and perceived identity.

The soul and collective emotional state of your company that silently boost or kills your bottom line profits.

A Few Contributors to Poor Culture:

Outside market factors, competition, disasters and politics.

Internal leadership and management.

Peer to peer emotional contagion, harassment, fatigue and burnout. 

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Myth: An organization can buy culture with perks.

Fact: Free lunch, beer or ping pong tables do not create culture.

Myth: Culture is just organic and it happens on its own.

Fact: Culture is forever changing and organic, but requires effort.

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Myth: Key leaders do not need to be involved.

Fact: Amazing culture involves everyone, but is driven by key leaders and influencers.

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Myth: Culture can be changed overnight with one memo or email.

Fact: A 360 culture change can take 7 years depending on the size of the organization.